About Us

Here at NHS South West Leadership Academy we operate a small but dynamic team who are responsible for the design, creation and delivery of our interventions. 

Our History

Leadership development has been a regional priority in the South West since 2006.

Recognising this long-standing commitment to improving heathcare through the development of effective leaders at all levels, the NHS South West Leadership Academy was formally authorised as a Local Delivery Partner of the National Leadership Academy on 5th December 2012. In order to effectively co-ordinate the strategic vision and ambitions for both workforce and leadership development across the region, we are hosted by Health Education England.

NHS South West Leadership Academy is governed through a membership board to ensure we respond to the needs of organisations across the region, then nationally as a Local Delivery Partner of the NHS Leadership Academy.

Our Vision

To develop outstanding healthcare leadership across the South West, in order to improve people’s health and their experiences of the NHS.

Our Mission

To be a regional centre of excellence for leadership development, delivering a national approach locally, and responding to the leadership needs of future and existing leaders across the South West NHS healthcare system to improve the quality of public health and patient outcomes

Our Values

NHS South West Leadership Academy aspire to model the values and behaviours that we promote in order to foster a professional and collective leadership style, based on trust, honesty, respect and responsibility. We will be explicit in communicating these beliefs and courageously challenge where these values are deficient.

We seek to understand and respond to the needs of our evolving leadership landscape and create partnerships which are inclusive to the collaborative system approach. We will continue to contribute to a health and social care landscape of which we can be proud and trust to operate in the interests  of the public.

We engage and collaborate with colleagues and partners through leadership development programmes, drawing upon their diverse experience to innovate creatively in response to current local contexts - without exposing patients to unnecessary risk.

Whilst being empathetic, non-judgemental and mindful of others, we will listen to individuals and organisations to gather information about local needs, best practice and the impact of good leadership, and communicate this with colleagues and partners to inform strategy and priorities.

Working flexibly in a fast-moving transitional period we strategically coordinate guidance and solutions at a local level in an effort to create consistent, effective and efficient system leadership.

Most importantly, we value our stakeholders and continuously ask for feedback to make sure that we get it right.

Our Board

The NHS South West Leadership Academy Board will be responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient discharge of the following responsibilities:

- communicating local needs and intelligence to inform national strategy and priorities;

- identifying, sharing and spreading good practice;

- local support for the national delivery of the Talent Management Strategy;

- developing, testing and piloting development for wider learning;

- delivery of the Academy’s funded programmes and services;

- identification and delivery of Non-Academy funded activity aligned with the Academy’s products, services and system principles to ensure consistent approach to step change.

The Board will work in partnership with the Academy and stakeholder members to deliver at regional level the success measures of the Academy. Namely, to have:

- led on and delivered the professionalisation of leadership;

- developed leaders who have more breadth, are more innovative and more able to lead health services to fit the new context and environment;

- supported industrial levels of innovation and improvement as part of an international community of innovators;

- worked in partnership to make NHS Leadership more representative of the community it serves.

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Role as an LLA

The NHS Leadership Academy was established on 1st April 2012 to develop outstanding leadership in health in a consistent, systematic manner to ensure there is sufficient scale and pace to deliver the leadership required for the transition and to lead the new system within a tough financial regime requiring high levels of innovation, engagement and devolution.

The Academy has four principle functions:

  • Promoting and articulating the values of NHS leadership. Developing the NHS leadership approach: setting standards, frameworks and best practice – to make a difference to patient experience, clinical outcomes & staff satisfaction
  • Leading the way in systems change providing leadership development to support major health and social care reform;
  • Supporting NHS transformation and developing leaders who can effectively champion change;
  • Designing, developing, commissioning and delivering health system wide leadership development interventions for national programmes, including skills that aid movement across the system
  • Supporting local capability – providing expertise to support those who will lead and commission development locally

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Team Members

Christina Quinn


01823 361 357



Christina is the Director of the NHS South West Leadership Academy and responsible for shaping leadership development interventions at a national and regional level.

John Monahan

Deputy Director

01823 361 226



John leads on Talent Management, Organisational Development and oversees the Graduate Management Trainee Scheme for the South West Leadership Academy.

Faye Beddow

Leadership and Organisational Development Lead

07775 594267


Faye leads on Inclusion and Organisational Development for the South West Leadership Academy.

Tom Rossiter

Business Development Manager

01823 361211



Tom leads on the communication and engagement and is responsible for the business development, corporate governance and finance functions of the NHS South West Leadership Academy.

Zoe Spittle

Talent and Development Lead



Zoe leads on Talent Management, Coaching and Mentoring and the Graduate Management Training Scheme for the South West Leadership Academy.

Tasmin Ackland

Stakeholder Engagement Officer

01823 361132



Tasmin is responsible for our stakeholder engagement whilst also providing marketing and event support to the NHS South West Leadership Academy.

Kate Westcott

Business Support Officer

01823 361128


Kate is responsible for providing administrative support to the NHS South West Leadership Academy Board and our Leadership Leads Network, whilst also helping to co-ordinate regional programmes such as Coaching and Mentoring Workshops.

Shannon Ackland

Administration Apprentice

01823 361126



Shannon supports the delivery of Regional development offers, assisting in the administrative and clerical function of the NHS South West Leadership Academy.

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