Master Class Series - The TypeCoach Influence Program

Monday, September 22, 2014
10:00 to 16:00

The Programme:

You’ll come away from this highly practical, multi-media program with two powerful skills:

  • The Ability to Identify the Personality Type of Others: Short video clip exercises will hone your ability to determine the temperament/Personality Type of others based on observable clues such as speech patterns, & energy level.
  • The Ability To Tailor Your Approach to Different Personality Types:   You’ll learn simple adjustments you can make  to have maximum impact with each of your direct reports, colleagues, key stakeholders, based on how they prefer to process information, make decisions, hear feedback, share their ideas, etc.

Survey: a majority of clients who completed this course reported an increase in their interpersonal skills of 50% or greater.

Includes 3 Online Tools:

  • The TypeCoach Verifier:  A highly engaging, interactive, video based online tutorial/assessment allows you to self- verify your true Personality Type (i.e. ENFJ, ISTJ, etc.) and access a 5 page report with information about your strengths, challenge areas as a leader, how your type responds to stress, what you most need for career satisfaction, and much more.
  • 5 Coaching Videos for Your Personality Type:  Rob Toomey is your online coach covering the top 5 ways to maximize your career potential given your particular type.
  • The Type-to-Type Tool:  This interactive online resource tool provides the top 10 strategies for working most effectively with any individual given the unique combination of YOUR type and THEIR type.

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