Leadership Live

What is Leadership Live: Exploring Leadership Excellence

Due to the extraordinary success of Leadership Live in 2014 and 2016, we are delighted to invite all Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships within the South West region to register for Leadership Live 2018.

Leadership Live 2018 is an exciting and innovative two day leadership development experience for groups of 6-8 people, who work together across teams and partner organisations, to tackle a future focused and relevant leadership challenge.  Participants will have the opportunity to work alongside some well-known and experienced professionals and leaders who will be on hand to guide and stretch individuals and groups throughout the two days. 

Leadership Live is a development experience which provides system teams the opportunity to work together on a real life leadership scenario, relevant to their STP agenda and today’s system challenges.  Teams will use their experience, knowledge, skills and leadership development / training to prepare and present a collaborative leadership response to their peers. These participants will work within a defined time frame, accompanied by experienced facilitators and access to you, our expert panel members throughout the two days.

The aims and objectives of Leadership Live are…

  • To provide a future focussed, strengths-based leadership development experience for individuals and groups in Leadership Live 2018
  • To strengthen system leadership capability within the identified teams participating LL18 South West
  • To enable LL18 teams/STP groups to identify a work based issue and use LL18 as a way of working on, testing out and experimenting with ideas and potential solutions in a creative and facilitated environment.
  • To evidence the learning from LL18 teams/STP’s as they work on a complex real time system issue with the support of facilitation and team coaching
  • To measure the team engagement levels at the time of LL18, 3, 6 and 12 months post event and the impact of the process on the issue the STP’s raised.

Participants in Leadership Live 2018 will have...

  • An opportunity to work together on a stretched and challenging issue which they will have identified.
  • Reflective time to consider your own leadership development so far and more widely, current and future leadership within the South West
  • A chance to engage with a nationally recognised panel of professionals and leaders in a focused conversation about leadership
  • The potential to discover new ways of thinking and make new connections
  • Space to consider your own leadership development needs and plans

This is a non-competitive event – where the process over the two days is more important than the final outcome/output.  It truly is leadership in action – LIVE!

The scenarios will be developed by each of our six South West Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, reflecting real examples of the challenges they are facing as today’s health and care leaders.  Every aspect of leadership will be considered by participating partnerships.

Take a look at our 2016 Leadership Live event


Applications have now closed for Leadership Live 2018. We look forward to welcoming all our teams on Wednesday 16th May.